Estate Planning

Whether you are planning for your own estate or administering the estate of a family member or friend, it is important to understand your options. The Law Offices of John C. Barlow can help you consider and develop a plan that works for you and your family. We handle a variety of estate planning matters, including, probate, conservatorship, guardianship, trust administration and elder law matters for clients throughout Southern California.

We can help you come up with an estate plan that works and is specifically tailored for your family's needs. Don't be fooled by claims that online estate planning services are cheaper and just as good as hiring a lawyer to prepare your estate plan. Low cost is not always the best and their follow-through is nonexistent.

We can help you with all your estate preparation needs, including:

  • Conservatorships
  • Guardianship
  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Advanced health care directives

Contact the law firm today to request an initial consultation regarding your estate planning and administration concerns. Send on online inquiry or call us today at 805-416-0097 to start securing the future for you and your family.